Recover From Storm Damage With An Expert Roofer

The roof of a building is often one of the first things that people notice when they pass by. Unfortunately, a roof with severe Storm Damage can present an ugly side of the property and may even expose the building to rain and wind damage. Because this is typically an unexpected problem, there is little to be done to prepare for it. However, it is possible to keep the roof in the best repair possible and have it inspected regularly for signs of damage. Avoiding roofing failures during fierce storms may also be possible with the right roof covering. In fact, some manufacturers are focusing on stronger products including at least one that is made from recycled materials and is designed to survive major winds.

When a storm hits a building, the damage can be extreme. Of course, this often depends on the type of storm. Typical thunderstorms with heavy rain and little wind can still do a lot of damage, but combine that driving rain with some rapidly moving air and the results can be disastrous. Another consideration with certain storms is hail damage. Hail is usually heavy, dense ice that can strike with incredible force. When combined with the existing conditions from a severe storm and hail damage could be the final force that destroys the roof.

It is practically impossible to avoid Storm Damage, but using the best materials possible is a great first step. For instance, when replacing the roof, it is better to use a strong covering such as laminated shingles, composite shingles or steel roofing. Keep in mind that some steel roofing is too rigid and may pose a problem if the wind ever gets underneath it.

Composite shingles were originally created to mimic the look of slate, but the design makes the tabs of the shingle much stronger, so they avoid rips and tears. Laminated shingles follow a similar path by placing an extra layer of asphalt on the back side of the shingle. This makes the shingle more durable and slightly more wind resistant. Steel roofing comes as either long sheets that fit from crown to eaves or smaller squares that are stamped with specific patterns. The benefit to steel is the coatings used to protect the metal. For more details, contact the experts at JF Baker Roofing. You can also follow them on Google+ for more updates.

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