What You Should Know About Sports Injuries

by | Feb 3, 2016 | Physical Therapy

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Playing a sport or physical activity of their choice is something that is an important and enjoyable part of many people’s lives. In recent years, people have been endeavoring to be more active so they can feel and look healthier while having a lot of fun in the process. One downside to playing strenuous sports on a regular basis is that because your body is being stretched and used so much, it is more vulnerable to injuries. Medical conditions that happen during a physical activity are in a category of their own and are known as “sports injuries”. If you suffer a sports injury, you should seek medical help from a professional as soon as you can, so you can have the best chance of healing completely and being able to continue doing what you love.

What Are Sports Injuries?

Sports injuries are any type of injury you might get while you are engaging in an intense physical activity. They can happen to anyone and come in a wide variety of symptoms and individual conditions. Doctors who specialize in treating athletes will correct a sports injury may use a variety of therapies, surgery, or rehabilitation. They will determine which regimen is best for the specific patient and injury. Sports injuries are usually divided into two different classes:

-Acute Sports Injuries – This is the type of injury that occurs suddenly while you are engaging in the activity. It includes fractures, sprains, strains, dislocations and twisted ankles. A few ways you can tell if you have received an acute sports injury are if you experience sharp, sudden pain, if you are unable to put weight on parts of your body, tenderness or swelling in areas, or weakness in a joint or limb. You may also notice visible dislocation or be unable to move a joint normally.

-Chronic Sports Injuries – These can happen over a long time when a person engages in a strenuous sport without allowing for enough rest or proper warming up and cooling down techniques. If you find you are beginning to experience pain while you are playing or exercising, or if you are in pain and swelling while you are resting, you may have a chronic sports injury. It is important to get medical advice as soon as possible.

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