Plumbing Repair in Weatherford TX: How to Silence a Noisy Faucet

There is no question that a loud faucet can drive a person crazy. If a homeowner has to brace themselves for some type of annoying sound each time they wash their hands, it is time to find a solution to the problem. The good news is, noisy faucets are typically a rather easy plumbing repair in Weatherford TX and in most cases, they can be handled without having to call in a plumber. Some tips that will help you find a solution for this all-too-common problem can be found here.

Check the Aerator

In many cases, the reason a faucet is noisy is mineral deposits that have accumulated in or on the aerator. This is the screen that is screwed into the faucet’s tip. For most homeowners, they will find this is a rather easy plumbing repair in Weatherford TX, which is why it is the first thing that should be checked. Just unscrew the aerator and turn the faucet on. If the noise goes away, then simply purchase a clean, new aerator and screw it onto the faucet -; the problem should be solved.

Install New Washers

Incorrectly sized or worn out washers are a common reason that faucet noise occurs. To replace an old washer, it is essential to turn the water supply off and then take the faucet apart. When the handles have been taken off, the homeowner should swap out the old, worn out washers, for new ones that fit the fixture.

Reduce Water Pressure

Another common issue of strange sounds is high water pressure. If a homeowner believes this may be the issue, the plumbing system can be tested with a pressure gauge. Anything that is over 80 psi may cause an issue. If this is the situation, it is a good idea to install a pressure regulator on the main water line to protect appliances and pipes and to put a stop to the noise.

When it comes to plumbing problems, taking the time to find out what the root cause is can help solve the problem. If none of the methods here work to silence a loud faucet, then it may be time to call in a plumber for help. For homeowners who have questions or wonder who to call, they can browse our website for more information.

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