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by | Jun 13, 2016 | Dentistry

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While sedation dentistry is a bit of a blanket term for any procedure involving sedation, it is not just done in one single way. In fact, it involves a number of choices depending on your personal preference and your pain tolerance.

It’s best to talk with your dentist about the procedures you are to undergo and the kind of pain management you want. Some procedures will require a certain level of sedation or anesthetic, while with others you’re free to choose how sedated you want to be.

Mild Pain Relief

Many people prefer to be conscious throughout the procedure. This allows you to be completely aware of what’s going on, while still experiencing the minimum possible pain and anxiety.

With sedation dentistry, this can be done through oral sedatives. That is, all you have to do is take a few pills and you’re all set. This is great for short procedures for people who have a moderate to high pain tolerance.

There is also nitrous oxide gas, also known as laughing gas, which puts you in a very mellow state and keeps you from feeling anxious or any pain.

Moderate Pain Relief

For longer procedures or for people with lower pain tolerance, intravenous sedation may be necessary. Intravenous sedation dentistry still allows you to be conscious during the procedure, but with more controlled pain relief that can be administered for longer than the oral version.

In this procedure, the doctor will have to insert an intravenous line into your veins to deliver the medication. They will apply a topical anesthetic over the vein so you don’t feel pain upon inserting the needle either.

Totally Asleep

For more complex procedures or people who just want to sleep through the experience, sleep dentistry is an option. This is a type of sedation dentistry where you are given a medication that renders you totally unconscious. That is, you’ll be in dreamland for nearly the entire appointment and you’ll hardly be aware of any of the sensations involved.

If you feel that this is the option for you, perhaps due to anxiety or a low pain tolerance, do talk with your dentist. In the end, the right sedation option for you is the one that will make dentist appointments a more positive – and more regular – experience. For more information on Dental Implants, contact Cascades Dental today at (703) 444-5095. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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