Must-Know Facts About the Virtual Reality Viewer for iPhone

The virtual reality viewer for iPhone has changed the tech landscape in a matter of months. Now awash with similar products and with more on the way from numerous sellers, consumers need to know the basics before they become inundated with technical data they might not understand.

Here’s the short list of what everyone should know about using the virtual reality viewer for iPhone:

The iPhone Offers a Near-VR Experience

Because users on a virtual reality viewer for iPhone are not able to completely interact with the VR “surroundings,” the VR experience is limited. In full-capability VR, users can follow a path, view objects, and walk around them in total 3D space. Those new to VR need to understand that iPhone VR is not really virtual reality, but it’s a decent approximation.

Keep Your Head Still

Because iPhone and other Google Cardboard based VR headsets aren’t full virtual reality capable, users need to used limited head movements. The device is only able to track movement from a single starting point, looking straight forward for example.

iOS Currently Has No Full-VR Operating System

Retina Display is What Makes VR “Reality”

The current technological level of iPhone’s retina display can’t really offer a true VR experience, but it comes pretty darn close. Users will notice a “screen” effect, with small black lines running through the visual field. Sometimes the iPhone’s video feed causes problems with the “frames per second” speed, which can mean a “seasick” feeling for the user.

The limiting factor for VR viewers right now is bandwidth. Mobile devices just don’t have the hefty bandwidth needed for the ultimate, high-end VR experience. But Apple’s current offerings aren’t bad for a start. It helps to remember that this market is still in its infancy, so the next five years should be very interesting to watch for new product developments and tech advances.

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