The Dangers of A Refrigerator Not Working at Its Best

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Home Appliances

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Your refrigerator is no doubt one of those coveted appliances that you find yourself taking for granted until something goes wrong. Maybe you remember a time your power has gone out and you’ve been left without a refrigerator for a few days, or a time when you’ve had to prepare meals without the luxury of any cooling device. We rely heavily on refrigerators and freezers to keep our food crisp, fresh, and tasting great, so what happens when your refrigerator isn’t working at its best?

Bacteria And Quickly Spoiled Food

While there are some exceptions, most bacteria prefer to grow and flourish in warmer temperatures. If your refrigerator isn’t maintaining the proper amount of chill, it’s easier for bacteria to colonize your produce and other foods.

In addition to being a safety concern, your food spoiling more quickly means inconvenience, lost money, and lost time making more frequent trips to the grocery store. If you notice that your milk is curdling before the expiration date or that your vegetables aren’t lasting as long anymore, call experts in refrigerator repair in Slidell.

Chemical And Mechanical Dangers

Your refrigerator actually depends on a number of chemical and electrical factors to keep it functioning properly. When any of these begin to fail, a harmless appliance becomes a dangerous safety concern or a fire hazard.

For example, Freon is the gas used in older refrigerators to keep the temperatures cold. If your refrigerator has a gas leak, it is possible that this material could come into direct contact with your skin. Even worse, deeply breathing Freon can result in organ damage, loss of oxygen reaching important structures in your body, and even death.

Now that you have a better understanding of just how dangerous a non-functioning refrigerator can be, give Broussard Appliance Service a call for Slidell refrigerator repair or regular maintenance.

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