Mind the Gap: Tips and Tricks for Concrete Expansion Joints

Concrete is a practical, long-term choice when it comes to driveways. Concrete is durable, weather-resistant, and can last for decades without rotting. However, with these benefits, a certain level of maintenance is required, like filling cracks and maintaining the gaps between the slabs.

But those gaps in your driveway aren’t necessarily a bad thing. The trick is to use a concrete expansion joint that can be removed, thus opening up a well of opportunities you may not have considered for your driveway.


We’ve all seen it: extension cords taped down on a gymnasium floor or across a garage. An effective way of preventing a tripping hazard, sure, but not the most attractive. With removable rubber expansion joints in your driveway, you can run cords for Christmas lights or your child’s lemonade stand right through the gap in the driveway without having to worry about an unruly cord being yanked or tripped over.

A whole host of activities can be easily planned for your front yard, anything from bounce houses to cotton candy machines, all without having to worry about the placement of a cord run from the garage or your home.

Weed Repellent

An expansion joint that decays over time in susceptible to weeds creeping in and springing up in between the gaps of your driveway. A rubber joint keeps those gaps sealed, saving you not only the time and energy that goes into getting rid of those weeds but keeps your lawn free from any weedkillers you may feel compelled to spray. A chemical-free driveway means there will be a significant reduction in the harmful runoff that comes from your driveway, runoff that easily seeps into water sources. Rubber expansion joints have a significant and positive impact on the environment, with hardly any effort on your behalf.

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