Learn How You Can Forgo Tilling by Using Soil Aerators Instead

There are many different things that plants need to survive. Aside from the sun and water, plants also need the right kind of soil. Over time, soil can become degraded due to environmental conditions. This will inevitably affect the plant life in the area. To deal with this, you need to ensure that the soil receives a sufficient amount of oxygen. See why soil aerators are the best choice for this process.

A Little About Oxygen’s Importance

There are a few reasons why oxygen is the key to healthy soil. Plants have a vascular system just like the human body. The difference is that plants pump water through this system. Once the water reaches the extremities of the plants, it produces the flowers or leaves that we are used to seeing. Organisms that live in the soil also benefit from exposure to oxygen. As a whole, oxygen is the key to plant life.

A Look at Aeration

Aeration is an important part of lawn maintenance as well. Agricultural soil aerators help to relieve compact pressure in certain areas. When the soil becomes compacted, there is a lack of air or oxygen. Thus, it’s important to create small holes in the soil that will provide air space.

Tilling is not a great option for lawns and other forms of soil. Tilling breaks up the soil to a greater degree. Clearly, this is not a good choice for a nice, green lawn. You should only rely on tilling if you are working in a garden area. Otherwise, agricultural soil aerators are the best choice.

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