Lasik Eye Surgery – Too Good to be True?

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Optometrists

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Traditional eye surgery has given way in recent years to a procedure called Lasik. Lasik involves a painless, stitch-less correction of eye refraction errors using laser surgery. It’s fast, convenient, and corrects most eye refraction errors.

While there are definitely limitations to Lasik surgery, it’s still an effective means of getting the job done. Some people may tend to magnify the downsides of Lasik, but is it really too good to be true? Here are the myths and facts behind Lasik eye surgery:

1. Lasik eye surgery can cure anything

This is a myth. Lasik eye surgery can cure most eye ailments but is limited when it comes to people with certain eye conditions such as severely dry eyes. Finding out fact from fiction can definitely help you weigh your options, and go for the right choice.

2. It doesn’t matter which doctor you choose

Some people believe that because Lasik is already an advanced technology, it won’t matter who does the procedure. However, contrary to that belief, finding the right Lasik surgeon does matter. An expert who can execute the operation properly and who won’t have qualms about the procedure is someone you’ll want working on your eyes.

3. There’s only one type of Lasik surgery

Although this is a little-known fact, there’s a difference between microkeratome and femtosecond Lasik, which is faster and more precise. However, finding out the pros and cons of each type of Lasik surgery will help you find out which one is more preferable for you.


Lasik is definitely one of the new and promising types of eye surgery out there in the market. Finding the right Lasik surgeon, knowing your own limitations, and checking out the facts behind Lasik eye surgery can help in determining your decision when it comes to choosing the right procedure for your eyes.

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