6 Tips and Tricks to for Custom Wallpapers

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Wallpaper and Coverings

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Wallcoverings can do a lot to make any space beautiful. Thinking about getting custom options? Check out the following tips and advice on getting your wall treatments right.

Personal style

Let the walls talk. If you love bold colors, then go ahead and put them up on your walls with custom wallpaper. Whether you want a simple statement or a dramatic one, the right wallcoverings can add interesting to an otherwise boring spot in the home.

Use metallic tones

If you want a stylish bit of space, then use metallic wallpaper. These are perfect for setting off a shiny display, the Better Homes and Gardens says. If you’re thinking up ideas for a custom wallpaper that will look great with your photo frames, cloisonné décor and more.

Emphasize your fireplace

If you’ve got a fireplace and you can’t quite decide how to make it stand out, then consider opting for a patterned wallcovering, one that can help create a vertical distance. That’s going to set off the design gorgeously.

Use them for a panel

Ceiling-to-floor installations aren’t the only way you can play with your walls. Look for panel treatments instead. Go for bold patterns if you want to add a pop of color. This can add a wonderful artistic effect to any space in your house.

Group them up

Another way to liven up your walls is to put together two or three wallpapers side-by-side. Doing so can hide imperfections in your walls. That also means you won’t need to strip off the existing wallpaper off all of your walls.

Go for solids

Solid-color wallpapers can add interest in any home. If you have cream walls all around, pick a place you want to highlight and install a red wallpaper on that spot. That’s one way to add a dramatic note to the room.

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