A DJ uses turntables to record and create mixes of already existing songs to a live audience that could be at a music festival or a radio station. Being your choice of DJ is not an easy path and takes a lot of hard work and patience.

But once you are on the right track, there is no stopping your roll to success. Plus, being a DJ is something cool if nothing else. You have great music, crazy shows and great people surrounding you.

Find out below how to become DJ in just a few steps and a strong motivation!

1. Choose The Right Gear:
First things first, you will need a powerful laptop and DJ controller. Then learning how to work on good DJ software should come handy. Practice every setting, button, and knob on your turntable, so phrasing beat syncing, tempo setting and equalizing becomes your left-hand job. Also, a MIDI controller with mics and an audio interface could be considered as useful purchases as soon as you make progress.

2. Make Public Appearance:

DJing in your own house is not going to gain you any experience. Neither will it tell you how good you are. So, get yourself a good gig at any local club, your friend’s party or a nearby event to get started. This will tell you about what your audience likes.

3. Record Your Mixes:

This is absolutely a must as only then will you hear it later and understand your flaws and wherever your track needs corrections or changes. You will get a gist of what exactly you are trying to make.

4. Now, Match Phrases:

The alignment of phrases in two or more tracks in time by auto-syncing or manually is a must in DJing. Getting a good pair of headphones is necessary for this part as this is the key factor that will decide if people can dance to your jam!

5. Upload Your Mixes:
Share your mixes online on social media platforms so people can give you critical feedback. Not only will this improve your skills but will also gradually bombard your popularity if you get good with time.

Finally, always write your thoughts down so that you remember any sudden hits of ideas you get, so carry a notepad everywhere with you! But remember, before all this, going to a music school like Global DJ Academy is very important to gain the basics in the field.

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