Is There a “Right Age’ for Guitar Lessons?

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Music School

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Many children become interested in music at a young age. As a fun and expressive way to pass time and communicate feelings, music can be both therapeutic and educational – but at what age is it proper to start introducing piano or guitar lessons? The answer is multi-faceted – but not all that complicated, in the end. Here are three ways to gauge your child’s readiness for beginning music lessons:


Does your child show interest in both music and learning how to play an instrument or reading music themselves? If so, it’s a fine time to introduce them to some of the fundamentals of music study, regardless of age. However, if their interest is only in listening to and discussing music – or watching television programs based on music – it may be best to wait until their interest is more focused.


Children who take music lessons must understand the need for regular practice, proper care of their instrument, and regular recital for critique. Likewise, smaller children may not be able to hold certain instruments or be strong or agile enough to play it correctly. If you feel that your child has both the physical and emotional maturity necessary to begin music lessons, it could be a great time to start.

Desire and Dedication

While your child may be old enough to participate in music lessons and mature enough to fully understand what is expected of them in doing so, they may have a desire for the study that starts out as a raging fire – only to be snuffed out by time. Many children end up telling stories as adults of how their parents forced them to attend music lessons that they ultimately didn’t enjoy. If this seems like your child, you should give them time to consider whether they want to learn more about music now or wait until later.

In truth, you’ll know when the right time is to sign your child up for piano or guitar lessons with an Albuquerque musical instructor. Let them show you their interest, maturity, and dedication to the art. All you have to do is show them your support.

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