Is it Time to Replace your Furnace? Let’s Find Out!

One of the biggest mistakes that a homeowner can make is to wait until the winter to consider replacing their furnace or even performing the necessary maintenance. When both of these scenarios go wrong, there can be dire consequences – consequences that you do not want to deal with. That being said, is it essential for you to take the proper steps, ultimately saving yourself money in the long run.

Get a Tune-Up First

Before you decide to have your unit replaced, you might want to consider getting a tune-up to make sure that your furnace is as efficient as possible. To get a better picture and a better grasp of the situation, it is strongly recommended that you compare your numbers before and after the tune-up. If you still have a similar energy bill after the tune-up, you may need a replacement, or you may need to investigate your home’s efficiency. If efficiency doesn’t seem to be the problem then yes, it might be time to replace your unit.

Consider the Size

When you are replacing your unit, it is important for you to consider the size. Is it, for example, sized properly for your particular home? If it is too large, then it will be inefficient, and if it is too small, it will work overtime and wear out before its time. With a properly sized unit, you will see significant fuel savings and be much happier.

Check for Leaks in the Ducts

If the ducts in your house have leaks then you are going to have a serious problem, that problem being that air leaks from the unit, causing your furnace to work overtime and experience many of the same issues that you would have with an improperly sized unit.

For more information, make sure that you speak with a professional, get a tune-up, and make sure that your furnace is ready to meet the rigors of winter.

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