How to Become a More Successful Single Parent

If you find yourself a single parent, you can often succumb to feelings of frustration and fear. Am I doing enough for my children? Am I enough for them, as a parent? These worries are common. Here are some ways to quiet them, and be the parent you want to be:

Prioritize Yourself

This may seem odd, but you can’t be the best parent possible without first taking inventory of your own needs. Get enough sleep, eat well, do things you enjoy and schedule alone time. A happy parent is a great parent.

Create a Positive Environment

You need support in your family and community. Your children need your time, and time with other loved ones in order to maintain normalcy. Everyone involved should stay as positive and supportive as possible, so kids can see that they are still a priority in their parents lives. If things are less than positive with your former partner or family, try to keep communications brief, direct and cordial. This will help kids focus on their own growth, and you to focus on them.

Don’t Want to Go It Alone, Anymore? Don’t!

For single parents, dating can be difficult. While you should wait until you’re sure you’re ready – and your children can handle the idea, as well – it is important not to forget about yourself as a person, rather than just a parent.

If you’re ready to get back out into the dating scene, consider a site aimed at older singles, single professionals and divorcees. This will give you the advantage of meeting people who already understand the place you’re at in life right now, and help you to make acquaintances with those who stand a better chance of being the kind of match you’re looking for.

Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong way to be a single parent. Just remember to focus on your children and yourself as a family unit, with or without another person involved. You’re no less of a parent without a partner, and you’re not a parent for wanting one. You’re a person, too – and one of your children’s favorite ones on the planet. Enjoy that, and the rest will fall into place!

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