Tips on How to Maintain Your New Car

by | Jan 12, 2018 | Automotive

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Something that modern cars offer is the need for less frequent service to keep them driving well. You do not need to change spark plugs on a seasonal basis, and many vehicle parts are much more reliable than in earlier years. This allows them to last for years on end. However, with a new car, there are some car maintenance tips that you should use.

On a monthly basis, it’s a good idea to check your engine oil. You should park the vehicle on level ground where you’ll get the most accurate reading. If you notice a leak, get to an auto shop as soon as possible. Moreover, no matter what you do, don’t overfill the oil reservoir.

Before long trips, you should also check the tire pressure of each tire. You should do this when the tires are cold. Look at your manufacturer’s manual to determine the best pressure for your car. While you do this, you can also check for strange wear on your tires or other issues that stand out.

Keeping your car clean is an integral part of car maintenance. It is recommended that you wash your car about once a week. You can clean the body and then hose out the undercarriage on an as-needed basis. Waxing is also an excellent option when you notice water beads that become larger than usual.

You should certainly check your oil on a regular basis, but you should do the same when it comes to changing the oil. Many people recommend you do this twice-yearly or about every 7,500 miles. While you are having your oil changed, it’s an excellent time to have other checks done.

You should check the air filter by holding it up to a light and seeing if you can see through it. If not, it should be replaced.

With vehicles that are front wheel or four-wheel drive, it’s essential to examine the CV boots on the drive axle. Any that are leaking or cracked should be replaced as soon as possible.

Next, you want to look at the brakes. This is best done by a professional technician at your auto shop. This is also the time to inspect the exhaust system and check all of your engine fluids.

At Frank’s Auto Repair & Auto Body Inc in New Jersey, all of these maintenance options can be done by experienced technicians. You can also get information on anything else you may want to keep a check on with your new car. Call the office at 908-322-4075 for more information.

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