How Do You Determine the Validity Of a Last Will and Testament?

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Legal

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After someone dies, you may want to determine the validity of the individual’s last will and testament. However, this will require having a probate attorney in Rockford IL who understands the regulations concerning the preparation of last will and testament documents. The process of seeking an attorney and filing a lawsuit concerning probate is often complicated and emotional. In many cases, you are filing a complaint against a relative, leading to hard feelings on both sides of the legal argument. With the right attorney, you can resolve this type of lawsuit quickly.

Collecting Witness and Physician Statements

Establishing the validity of a last will and testament requires collecting the document and checking its notarizations to determine if there were proper witnesses. Also, the attorney may need to establish that the deceased individual was in a sound mind while preparing the last will and testament. To verify that the deceased person was mentally able to state his wishes while creating the last will and testament, the attorney may need to seek written statements from the individual’s physicians.

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When you believe that a last will and testament isn’t valid, you have a limited amount of time to seek assistance from a probate lawyer to question the validity of the document. Having a valid will in place can prevent expensive and time-consuming lawsuits, but when you are experiencing a problem with a last will and testament, it is essential to seek the assistance of a specialized lawyer. The probate attorney who Rockford IL residents can rely on works for The Crosby Law Firm, and he can help with other legal difficulties such as filing for bankruptcy or coping with a DWI charge.

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