The Key Factors When Choosing Indian Wedding Invitation Cards

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Weddings

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Planning your own wedding? Perhaps you’re helping your daughter prepare for her coming celebration. Whatever the case, there’s a lot that must be done. One of the first and most crucial things is to choose the invitations – Indian wedding invitation cards can be incredibly beautiful, and evocative, but what should you consider when choosing them?


Perhaps the first thing to consider is the level of customization available, as well as the quality of the customization. This is the most important day in the bride and groom’s lives, and the invitations used should reflect that importance. At the bare minimum, the names of the bride and groom should appear on the invitation, but their initials may also need to be present. You will also want to consider the positioning of the names and initials. Of course, all customization should be done to the same quality as the other text within the card.

Paper Quality

The quality of the paper is another significant consideration here. Thicker card stock should be combined with delicate inserts to create a unique fusion of sturdiness and beauty – a reflection of the marriage itself.

Color Options

You’ll discover a host of color options available with Indian wedding invitation cards. Choose a color combination that speaks to the couple, or that ties in with the colors you’ll be using within the ceremony. For instance, a card with red laser cut lace design over gold could easily tie in with a red and gold bridal ensemble. Jute and white, beige and white, gold and red, blue and gold – these are just the beginning of your options.


To truly make Indian wedding invitation cards stand out, there needs to be a bit more. Embellishments add beauty and dimension, and there are many options. A simple jute cord can be both simple and elegant, but a gold tassel may be a better fit for your plans.

Religious Connotations

A gold embossed Ganesh ji design might be the ideal way to connect with Indian culture, heritage, and the Hindu religion. However, Indian wedding invitation cards can also be designed for Sikh, Muslim and Christian weddings. The right tie-in will help create the celebration that the bride and groom deserve.

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