Get Auto Repair Services in Auburn, WA to Fix Suspension Problems

It doesn’t require being in a serious accident to create issues with your car’s suspension system. A strong tap in the right place can cause suspension problems for your vehicle. Here are three common suspension issues that can be caused by an auto accident.

Car Pulls to One Side

When your vehicle pulls to either the left or the right, this indicates a suspension problem. If you’re unsure if your car is pulling to one side, test it on a straight road by briefly removing your hands from the steering wheel.

Your car will either pull to the left or right, which can indicate uneven tire wear, bad tie rods, or poor alignment. The issue can be quickly diagnosed and repaired by taking your car in for auto repair services in Auburn, WA.

Continuing to Bounce (Porpoising)

After going over a bump in the road, if your car continues to bounce, which is sometimes called “porpoising,” this can indicate a suspension issue. Either the shocks or struts on your car are worn or the car has a broken or slipped leaf spring. If the car doesn’t stop bouncing after going over bumps, you need to take it for auto repair services so that the problem can be found and fixed.

Steering Is Slipping

Sometimes damage in a wreck can make it difficult to properly steer your car. While this can be caused by low power steering fluid levels or a faulty power steering pump, it can also be caused by broken steering rack mounts. If you notice problems steering after you’ve been in a minor accident, your car should be examined at Pro Finish Inc.

Taking your car in for auto repair services can help diagnose the problem with your car and get it repaired before it causes more issues for you.

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