Brass Hose Barbs – A Necessary Component for Industrial Flow Control

by | Jul 19, 2017 | manufacturing

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Brass barb fittings, which are often referred to as hose barbs, play a huge role in controlling the flow of liquid in many industrial applications. They are among the most commonly used components for this purpose. While they do not always come manufactured from brass, using brass is a sign of a high-quality fitting that is meant to last a lifetime.

While many brass barb fittings may look alike at first glance, they actually have several design factors that can set them apart from one another. Meanwhile, most of them share the same functional benefits.

Design Factors That Allow Variety

There are four primary design factors that must be considered for all brass barb fittings. These are the barb angle, the sharpness of the barb, the finish on the surface, and the parting lines. Each of these factors will impact the quality of the fitting as well as its ideal use. For example, sharp barbs may allow for stronger connections in some cases, but the hardness of the tubing must be taken into consideration, or it could cut the hose.

Functional Benefits of Brass Hose Barb

Barb fittings see so much use because they allow for a tight seal between the hose and the fitting, but without a lot of work. It doesn’t take much effort to slide a hose over a brass barb fitting. At the same time, the seal is firm and not easily blown off or accidentally pulled off. The fittings are also available in many different materials aside from brass. While brass is a great option for most applications, you may choose a different material for chemical compatibility concerns.

A Powerful Component for Flow Control

Flow control in industrial applications is extremely important. It’s often a serious matter of safety. Brass barb fittings are durable, simple to use, and create a powerful seal that’s not easily broken. It’s good to know that there are highly-effective fittings that don’t cost an arm and a leg to acquire.

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