Fire Sprinkler Inspection, Maintenance and Testing

by | Oct 10, 2016 | Safety Equipment Supplies

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If you want to prevent from spreading in your home or workplace, there are different measures you can undertake. Some are common sense such as making sure all electrical wiring is up to code and installed by a professional electrician. Another approach is to install an integrated fire alarm system including fire sprinklers. This is an effective means of reducing the spreading of fire in your home or business in Illinois. It does, however, require attention paid to specific aspects. In the case of a fire sprinkler inspection by a professional is essential as well as maintenance and testing.

Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers provide excellent protection against a business experiencing losses to fire. They also prevent fatal tragedies from occurring. All across the United States, the presence of sprinklers has been shown to save the economy money and prevent loss of productivity from loss of property and human and animal life. Where sprinklers have failed to perform their job, it has been the result of neglect.

Statistics from the NFPA indicate three actions required to keep fire sprinklers functioning for the benefit of all. These are:

1. Inspection
2. Maintenance
3. Testing

All three fall under NFA 25 – establishing baseline standards for such actions performed on water-based fire protection systems.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection, Testing and Maintenance

The NFPA has an established schedule for fire sprinkler testing, inspection and maintenance. While related, these tasks are not identical or interchangeable.

1. Inspection: This is a visual examination. It may focus on the entire system or on a specific part. The purpose is to clearly identify any problems concerning operating or any visible physical damage concerns

2. Testing: This involves performing a procedure to determine the status of the fire prevention system is a procedure used to determine the status of a

3. Maintenance: This is the daily, weekly, monthly and/or annual work an individual or company may perform to keel the equipment in perfect running order. It may involve inspection or testing as well as repairs. This is the area the NFPA has recorded that failure to maintain standards has been to be seriously at fault in the inability of fire sprinklers to perform

These actions are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they work together to ensure the equipment is functioning optimally. An inspection may lead to a test, which, in turn, can result in maintenance actions e.g. repairs, tuning, or to a change in the maintenance schedule.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection: Avoid the Risk

If Illinois companies want their fire alarm system to work when required, they need to ensure it is in peak operating condition. To accomplish this they have to adopt a three-prong attack. They need to maintain it to perfection. To ensure this, it is necessary to institute fire sprinkler inspection and testing on a regular basis. This will help them to identify and correct any potential problems with the system before it is too late.

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