What Does a Fire Door Inspector in Illinois Have to Check?

by | Aug 9, 2018 | Safety Equipment Supplies

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Your building and the safety of those inside depends on the installation of an effective fire protection system. A key component of this type of system is the fire rated door. These doors are essential when it comes to saving lives and property when a serious fire emergency occurs. When these doors are in place and operating as intended, they can prevent a conflagration from spreading to various sections of the building and also damper smoke and toxic fumes related to the fire. In order to ensure these doors are installed in functioning correctly, it is important to hire a fire door Inspector. Illinois businesses and organizations with fire doors must submit to mandated inspections explained in part below.

In the U.S., yearly inspections are mandated by the NFPA of fire resistant rated doors and frame assemblies.

At a minimum, the following items related to these doors must be verified by a fire door Inspector, according to NFPA

 * No breaks or holes are present in the surfaces of either the frame or the door
 * The hardware, frame, hinges, door, and noncombustible threshold are aligned and secured with no signs of damage, and appear to be working properly
 * Glazing beads, vision light frames, and glazing our secure, intact, and fastened in place
 * The prescribed door clearances listed in 4.8.4 (3/4” inch maximum clearance under the bottom of the door) and 6.3.1 (1/8” maximum at the top and edges) are not exceeded at the door edge of the door frame, on the pool side of the door.
 * There are no parts broken or missing
 * No auxiliary hardware items that prohibit operation of our interfere with the door are installed on the frame or door itself
 * The active door closes completely when it’s operated from the full open position
 * When the door is in the closed position the latching hardware operates properly and secures the door
 * Edge seals and gasketing are inspected to confirm their integrity
 * The door assembly has not undergone any field modifications which would avoid the label
 * If a coordinator is present, the inactive leaf shuts before the active leaf

According to NFPA 80, fire door assemblies must be inspected by a fire door Inspector and tested at least once a year with a signed written record of the inspection retained for the AHJ to inspect.

For additional information about having your fire door assemblies inspected in Illinois, contact an experienced fire protection company today.

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