Finding The Correct Stock Aluminum Extrusions

by | Jul 21, 2016 | Aluminum Supplier

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For most typical metal supply companies, unless it is a specialty aluminum company, stock extrusions are going to be in basic sizes and shapes. This will usually include flat, round and square bar as well as channels, half rounds and, depending on the supplier, basic T and Z bars.

Different types of specialized companies, fabricators, manufacturers and even prototype developers may have different needs based on the specific application. In these situations, there is the choice to either modify existing stock aluminum extrusions, modify the design or choose to develop a custom aluminum extrusion.

Try an Aluminum Supplier

If you are currently working with a general metal or materials supplier and are only seeing what they have in inventory for stock aluminum extrusions, it is time to consider looking to a specialized aluminum supply company.

These companies can be found online and they provide information on the extrusions they carry, which will be a more significant inventory than found elsewhere. You may find that the exact shape and design you need is already a stock extrusion, which will save you money over creating a custom extrusion.

Additionally, this will also save you time and wasted material. Trying to include fabrication of the stock extrusion on the job site to create the component or part is going to slow down production while increasing the cost per unit. With the fabrication step, there is also the risk of waste, while ordering from the aluminum supplier will allow the extrusion to be cut to order, virtually eliminating any waste.

Options to Consider

Another option to weigh when determining if you need to have custom extrusion or can use stock aluminum extrusions is the expertise of the aluminum supply staff. These companies will have an in-house team of design experts and engineers who can often make suggestions in the design to allow for a stock extrusion that would be superior in strength, performance and durability to the current design requirements.

While the determination to use a stock or a custom extrusion will always be the choice of the customer, having aluminum experts to provide options is always a good option. By working directly with the aluminum suppliers design team to understand the needs for the parts and then discussing options, you may find ways to cut down on costs, produce a superior product and work with a company that is focused on your success using their materials.

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