7075 Aluminum: A Versatile and Strong Alloy

by | Sep 3, 2018 | Aluminum Supplier

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Are you in the market for 7075 aluminum plate? As a durable aluminum alloy, 7075 is used extensively in the fabrication of a wide range of components, equipment, and machines. Skilled aluminum suppliers with extensive knowledge in various types of alloys can help you secure the exact product you need for your project requirements. Regardless of whether you need 7075 or another alloy, a dedicated precision metal supplier can help you obtain the shapes and sizes you need on-site for your applications.

7075 Properties
As a highly flexible and durable material, 7075 aluminum alloy is available in various tempers, including 7075-0, 7075-T6, and 7075-T651. The material configuration of this alloy consists of aluminum, magnesium, chromium, iron, and silicon. By incorporating these elements into aluminum, and alloy that is stronger containing additional beneficial characteristics is the result. In the case of 7075, the end user can benefit from good machinability and strength-to-weight ratio characteristics.

Applications of 7075
The 7000 series of aluminum alloys are used for a wide range of applications. With respect to grade 7075, it is used extensively for its combination of lightweight and toughness characteristics. It is a malleable yet strong aluminum alloy used in the aerospace, automotive, and aircraft industries for various applications. Aluminum alloy 7075 alloy is often incorporated into the manufacturer of structural components, gears, valves, fuse parts, and additional parts that undergo high stress levels. An experienced and reputable aluminum supplier can offer you high quality 7075 for purchase.

Welding & Machining
Grade 7075 aluminum is similar to other types of aluminum alloy in that it is easy to machine and shape. It is easier to work with and machine when it is annealed rather than what it is cold. In addition, forming is less of an issue when this alloy is in the annealed condition. However, forming operations are not generally recommended with aluminum alloy 7075. Only resistance welding can deliver adequate results with this grade of aluminum alloy. If you use other forms of welding, such as gas and arc welding, those processes can actually reduce the intrinsic anti-corrosion properties of 7075.

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