Control Of Aquatic Plants In Ponds And Lakes

To a certain degree, aquatic plants in ponds and lakes are beneficial, they provide food, nesting and spawning grounds for fish and waterfowl. For aquatic plants to be beneficial they must be kept under control, dense growth will threaten aquatic life and certainly make the pond or lake less attractive for recreational purposes. Grounds maintenance companies in Houston, TX are often called in to rid them of excessive plant growth. There are a number of serious problems with water weeds:

   * Disrupts and restricts recreation
   * Dangerous to fish and can result in fish flavor problems and stunted growth
   * Pond water odor and problems with the taste of drinking water

Aquatic plant control:

There are strategies that can be and are employed to prevent the growth of water weeds; however, even the best prevention methods often require help. There are treatment and control methods available, the appropriate approach often depends on the plant species and of course the extent of the problem. As well as the plant and density, ground maintenance companies in Houston, TX also must consider pond use, the environmental impact and economics.

Before attacking the problem, make sure there is one. Some plant growth is temporary and there is really no need to take control actions. If the water weed cover is in excess of 25 percent of the surface area then weed control is a must. There are numerous methods that can be employed:

   * Dredge the pond to deepen it
   * Install pond liners
   * Use mechanical or manual methods to harvest the pond growth
   * Use biological or chemical controls

Herbicides are often the only practical solution. Although herbicides are easy to use, a great deal of caution must be exercised as herbicides can be dangerous to fish and water fowl. Restrictions on the use of the pond water can usually be lifted in a couple of weeks which is the life of most products.

One of the services offered by Coastal Spray Co. is aquatic vegetation control. If you are looking for professional grounds maintenance companies in Houston, TX you are invited to discuss your needs with Coastal Spray Co.

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