Choosing the right drug detox program

by | Jan 3, 2017 | Health

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When you or someone you care for is in need of drug rehabilitation it can often be difficult to know exactly where to find help. Without professional help, the addict will continue to spiral downwards, perhaps reaching the point where the situation becomes life threatening. Drug abuse does more than impact the life of the addict; it also affects the lives of others around him or her. Fortunately, there are numerous drug detox programs in New Jersey.

Substance abusers that complete a balanced and well thought out program are more likely to achieve sobriety, avoid relapse and rebuild relationships with friends, family and workmates.

Recovery takes time:

Although the initial stage; detox, is the most difficult stage of the recovery process, the real work has yet to begin. Detox rids the body of drugs, allowing the addict to focus on the therapeutic component of total treatment. During therapy, the recovering addict will undergo individual and group therapy sessions, both of which are designed to get to the root causes of the addiction and to help in a addressing these issues.

Different programs:

There are a number of drug detox programs in New Jersey. The approaches taken all include certain aspects of care which are designed to address the specific needs that have been found during the initial intake interview.

Residential drug rehab programs at one time were based on hospitalization of the patient. In the last few years there has been dramatic changes and improvement in residential and partial care treatment facilities.

Many people wishing to break their addiction to drugs cannot afford to set aside the time required for full time, inpatient care. Outpatient drug rehab programs offer very similar programs to inpatient care but they do it during the day, sometimes just a few times during the week. Outpatient programs are helpful for those in school or those who must work. The downside to outpatient care is that recovering addicts are still faced with the same triggers that may have been behind their drug abuse problem in the first place.

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