Change the Look of Your Hardwood Floor with Hardwoods Refinishing in Topeka, KS

There many types of flooring materials that can last for extended periods of time. For example, high-quality carpets can last 10 to 20 years. However, when it comes to flooring that could possibly outlive the homeowner, as well as the home it’s in, solid hardwood is typically the best option. These floors, if taken care of properly, can be extremely durable. With Hardwoods Refinishing in Topeka KS, a person can radically change the look of an existing hardwood floor in just a few days time.

Solid hardwood floors come in a wide variety of thicknesses, but what solid wood floors offer the homeowner is the flexibility to change the look of the floor with different types of stains or perhaps with wood paint. Typically, hardwood floors come with a pre-applied stain. Depending on the type of wood, or the decorative preference, the stain can be light or dark.

However, if a person’s decorative style changes, solid hardwood floors can roll with the changes as well. The hardwood floors can be sanded down and stripped of their existing stain. Then, a new stain can be applied, whether it’s going from light to dark or dark to light, to give the floor an entirely new look.

The great thing about this is that if a person wants to commit the amount of time it takes to do this on their own, the homeowner can change the look of the floor themselves. However, when it comes to Hardwoods Refinishing in Topeka KS, many homeowners that have solid wood floors tend to leave this job for professionals.

The benefit to this is that the professionals have done this before, they have the equipment and the necessary experience to get the job done in record time. This may be a little difficult to compare to if a person is doing this for the first time.

If you need to know more about Hardwoods Refinishing in Topeka KS, whether you’re looking to apply the same sort of finish the floor already has to give it a fresh look, or you’re looking to dramatically change the finish of the flooring, a resource like Capital City Flooring Inc can help.

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