Questions To Ask Before Choosing Carpet In Hinsdale

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Carpets

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Before making a decision about the type of carpet you want in your Hinsdale home, it’s best to ask yourself a few pertinent questions. You’ll find out how you’ll use the room, whether it will have heavy traffic and more things to help you choose carpeting that will better suit your needs.

Room Use Questions

The first question regards the type of traffic the room will see and whether it’s a center for entertaining. For example, bedrooms may not get as much traffic or see as many guests as a living room. However, bedrooms may still see traffic near to the bed and will have a lot of furniture on them, so it’s best to choose something that withstands heavy objects and traffic.

Color/Style Questions

Again, when determining the styles and color, it’s important to focus on how much use it will see. White and neutral colors may look excellent, but will get dirty quickly in a living room. It is recommended to use darker colors in the living room and hallways.

However, if you have a small room, the use of neutrals and white can make it appear larger, though dark colors can make it feel cozier.

Another factor is lighting. Rooms with natural light can use slightly darker colors because the natural light will show their true color better. Rooms with shade and more artificial light will need lighter shades, so they don’t appear too dark.


Another factor to consider is the cost of the carpet for your Hinsdale home. While carpeting can be less expensive than hardwood floors and other materials, it depends on the size and whether you want stain-resistant features.

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