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Is There Really An Advantage To Refurbished Laboratory Equipment?

Often when people ask the question about the advantages or value of purchasing refurbished laboratory equipment, the question is not really about the price but rather about the long-term

Finding Used Gas Chromatography Equipment

Every lab or research facility knows the value of good gas chromatography equipment. This machinery is highly precise and is very helpful in sorting out different gases properly. It’s

Why Plastics Testing Is Essential

Plastics’ testing is commonplace for industrial companies planning to utilize such materials in their components or other products. The process covers a wide array of analytical approaches including 1

Used Liquid Chromatography Solutions: Know the Fundamentals of Liquid Chromatography

Chromatography is the aggregate term for an arrangement of methods used to separate blends. These methods incorporate gas chromatography (GC), a thin layer chromatography (TLC), Size exclusion Chromatography (SEC),

How LIMS Systems Improve The Efficiency Of Managing Medical Records

The medical laboratory industry has continued to consolidate. Patient lab testing sites are now limited to hospital laboratories and the big two commercial labs, LabCorp, and Quest Diagnostics. Basic
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