Cases Managed By A Family Lawyer In Bainbridge Island

In Washington, families face a variety of life events that require legal action. Circumstances could also present a need for assistance or advice from an attorney. These circumstances could equate to a risk to a child or senior. They could also include divorce, changes in custody arrangements, and adoption. A Family Lawyer in Bainbridge Island provides assistance for these families.

Establishing Guardianship for a Child or Senior

A guardianship is achieved to protect a child or senior. A family member has the legal right to start a petition for guardianship when a child or senior is at risk. The family member must provide evidence of this risk or contact agencies that can acquire this evidence. After a guardianship is established, the individual makes decisions for the child or senior.

The Adoption Process

The adoption process enables couples and individuals to become parents. The applicant could make an arrangement with an expectant mother or locate a child through an orphanage. The adoption process enables these applicants to terminate the parental rights of the biological parent. Once completed, the adoptive parents become the legal guardian for the child. Visitation may be possible in some instances, but both parties must agree.

File for a Divorce

A divorce petitioner can start a divorce by choosing irretrievable breakdown as the grounds. They must create an agreement that provides each party with an equal share of the marital assets. They must also review potential waiting periods requires for all divorce cases.

Child Custody Arrangements

The child custody arrangements are established through family court as well. The court may recommend joint custody in most cases. However, if a risk exists a parent could have grounds to achieve sole custody. Child support is also assigned with these arrangements. The parents may also be required to attend parenting classes after the divorce.

In Washington, families follow family laws to determine what to do under specific circumstances. The circumstances could involve a case of abuse or neglect. They can also involve adoption or divorce cases. Petitioners who need further answers contact a Family Lawyer in Bainbridge Island for more details about these cases today.

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