Arched Truss Designs and What You Should Consider Before Your Event

Many people use portable staging, trusses, and other setups to host their special events- whether it is a concert, community event, fairs, charity drives, or other celebrations. No matter what your needs may be Gallagher Staging has what you are looking for. From small to large staging and simple to arched truss designs, we have what you are looking for. If you are planning your event, we invite you check out our selection and special offers.

Quality and Excellence Each and Every Time
All of our truss designs are made from durable yet lightweight materials so they are easier to move and assemble yet still provide the strength and stability you want and need. Gallagher Staging as years of experience and we can help you find he look and style that is just right for your event and your unique needs.

We Are Committed to Providing the Best of the Best
We are committed to giving every customer the very best in service and product each and every time- that is what sets us apart from all the pretenders out there. We will sit down and listen to your wants and needs and will take the time to get to know you and your event and your audience so we can help you choose the right set up for your event, your crew, and your guests.

Contact Us Today to Learn More
Whether you need staging, barricades, security gates, or arched truss designs, we are here to take care of you. Give us a call today to get started and help ensure your even is one that everyone will be talking about for years to come- for all the right reasons! Get started today!

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