3 Industries That Rely on Water Chlorination

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Water Purification Company

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Just starting out in your field, you might have never given a passing thought to water chlorination and how it affects you. However, clean water is a universal need, and water disinfection plays a crucial role in many business sectors. Here are three industries that rely on water chlorination.

Power plants

Power plants must be able to disinfect their cooling water. According to Industrial Water World, there are two ways to operate a chlorination system in cooling water: a continuous operation or intermittent shock treatment. Most power plants will enter into a chlorination contract with a water disinfection company to keep these systems running smoothly. Such contracts can conveniently help them with all their installation, maintenance and service needs.

Offshore Oil Platforms

When offshore oil platforms drill for oil, water trapped in the oil reservoirs is often brought to the surface as well. Water must be separated from the oil hydrocarbons, and the resulting water post-separation must be disinfected, according to Filtration Separation. Waste water from these platforms is eventually released back to the local water sources closest to the platforms, so water chlorination is necessary to lessen the environmental impact.

The Marine Industry

Just as any municipality would, ships and tankers of all size require clean water for drinking, sanitation and food production. What’s more, wastewater from these ships must be treated before it is disposed of into the ocean. It’s common for shipping companies to sign up for a chlorination contract to efficiently handle the chlorination needs for their entire fleet.

Clean water is a necessity not only for human consumption, but to preserve the quality of our environment. If one company in any one industry does not take care to ensure that its water is adequately disinfected, it affects not only the surrounding community but our whole world. Water chlorination is a vital tool that we can all utilize to preserve our environment.

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