AC Condensers in Ohio Keep Things Cool and Comfortable

A heavy-duty AC condenser is required to maintain a truck’s level of cooling. The AC condenser is placed directly in front of a truck’s radiator and is situated on the AC system’s high side. Because of the location of the condenser, the device permits vapor from the refrigerant to travel through the AC, thereby keeping a truck cab cool.

Condensers Are Available in Various Models

You can select from one of various styles and types of AC condensers in Ohio for semi-trucks. Therefore, your choice of a condenser will be determined by the type of truck you drive. Most condensers are made of aluminum. However, in the past, they were manufactured with copper or brass.

Sometimes, AC condensers are mistaken for radiators as the two devices closely resemble one another. However, each unit can be distinguished by its size. An air conditioning condenser for a truck is not as thick as a radiator in design. It also cannot operate without adequate air flow.

Make Sure Your Hoses Are Operational

When AC condensers need replacement, it is usually because the flow of air is not sealed or because of a leak. In a semi-truck, three hoses are used in an AC condenser’s operation. The yellow hose connects to a machine that leads to the recovery tank. A blue hose is linked to a low-side pressure portal while a red hose connects to a high-side pressure portal. When all these links are free of leaks and sealed airtight, your AC condenser will keep you nice and cool.

If you have questions about your cooling system, you need to direct your concerns to a company that installs and services condensers for semi-trucks regularly. Visit D & B Heat Transfer Products Inc. online for further information. The company can assist you with all your repair and replacement needs if you are a semi-truck driver who needs a cooling issue resolved.

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