A Guide to Filing A Construction Injury Claim After an Accident

Because of the dangerous nature of working on a construction site, injuries tend to occur more frequently. There are countless regulations, safety programs, and inspection procedures to prevent these accidents from happening.

Unfortunately, they still occur due to hazards like unsafe equipment and falling materials. Have you been injured while working on a construction site? Worry less. You can receive compensation through the help of a construction accident attorney in Joliet. Read on to learn more about how you can file a claim.

Get Medical Care

Your safety and health should be your top priority. No matter how minor your injury may seem, it’s in your best interest to seek medical attention right away. During this medical process, you need to hold onto all diagnostic imaging and medical reports. Ensure that all your injuries are recorded and well-documented.

Documentation should contain treatments you received, doctor’s name, dates, and medications prescribed by your doctor. In addition to saving your life, getting medical care also provides critical documentation necessary for a construction site lawsuit.

Notify Your Employer

After receiving treatment, you should report the incident to your employer in writing. Additionally, it would help if you keep a copy for yourself.

Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C., has construction accident attorney Joliet who can help you understand more about construction injury claims.

With over 6 decades in business, they can develop a course of action that best suits your situation. For more details about their services, contact the company through the website.

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