A Family Law Attorney in Tacoma, WA Can Help

Some of the most worrisome and emotional legal issues are those involving family matters. This type of law helps people to prove paternity, leads them through the adoption process, and is a safety net during a divorce. Debates and agreements regarding custody and child support are all handled by lawyers that practice this type of law. A family law attorney in Tacoma, WA uses their knowledge of the legal system to help their clients get the help they need and to keep their children safe.

Child support is a serious concern when parents are left to raise children on their own. People who do not use the legal system to guarantee they are receiving the proper level of assistance from the other parent and enforcing court orders are frequently living in poverty. The government created child support laws and enforcement in the mid-1970s specifically to help combat poverty. In many families the child support payments are nearly half of the income that household receives. The parent and the children are left struggling just to meet their basic needs when these payments are not collected. Concerns are present even in families where the custodial parent is earning a higher wage. These children may not receive the level of health care services or have the income to attend the college they wanted without the assistance from both parents. The legal system is not designed to punish parents, but to make certain they live up to their responsibilities until the child is able to care for themselves.

A family law attorney in Tacoma, WA is not interested in anything other than making certain their clients get the help they need. Their services help parents work out support and custody plans that meet the needs of everyone involved. They also work with divorcing couples to develop agreements regarding the division of property, and they lead their clients through all of their paperwork and court appearances. At Candoolaw.com people will receive advice, help negotiating with their previous partner for a fair settlement, and much more. A free consultation can eliminate the worry and guesswork of what is possible and make it easy to know what to expect during a divorce.

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