Tips For Choosing A Roll Up Fire Door For A Madison WI Business

by | Aug 1, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

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Securing a business and keeping your property, assets and inventory safe is always a concern for any Madison, WI commercial property or business owner. For those types of businesses with loading docks, bays or other large entrances, having a roll up fire door makes good financial sense.

These doors are specially designed to standards to meet fire code regulations, including the universally used NFPA 80 standards. They should also be checked to make sure they are approved for used as fire doors in rated fire walls. The NFPA 80 standards will verify this approval, but it essential to make sure the doors have this rating.

The Benefits of Roll Up Doors

Roll up doors are the standard doors for commercial bays, docks and large entrances. They can be used to provide additional security to a specific area of the building as well, although security grills are another option to consider for this additional type of protection. The obvious difference is that security grills will not offer the fire rating, which may be an essential consideration.

The different styles and designs of roll up fire door models allow you to choose the right match for your existing structure. They are durable and strong, resist any type of environmental damage from rain, snow or sun, and they retain their visual appeal even with years of industrial use.

Controlling the Doors

It is worth the time to take a close look at how you want to operate the roll up fire door. Traditionally, these doors were operated using a chain hoist or a crank. This is a very simple and easy way to raise and lower the doors, and these systems require very minimal routine maintenance.

The other option to consider is a motorized roll up door. This can be controlled by push button or radio control, and they can also have release systems that automatically lower the door in the event of a fire alarm.

Additionally, these doors can be set up to operate on motion detectors with safety features that stop the lowering of the door if an object is in the path of the door.

These doors come in standard and custom sizes. They are an effective way to prevent the spread of fire, and they may even provide additional benefits to your Madison, WI business insurance rates.

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