7 Tips Before You Bring Your Car to Engine Repair

If you’re planning to bring your car along to the nearest Engine repair center in Plano TX, be on your guard. Here are top 7 tips you can put to good use:

Ask around

Before you choose a repair shop, work your network. Reach out to people in your contact list and ask them for referrals and tips. If their referrals are gold, these can save you a lot of time and effort in the process.

Do your research

Many repair centers offer a slew of discounts, freebies and great warranty offers. You’ll need to look around and do your research to find out which Engine repair centers in Plano TX fit the bill and go from there.

Pay a visit

Visit the repair center for a small service. If there’s a clutter of empty oil cans on the floor or worn tires haphazardly tossed and thrown just anywhere, you’ll be better off elsewhere, says Reader’s Digest.

Get a detailed estimate

Sketchy repair centers pad their bills by stacking various fees under miscellaneous costs. Ask for a detailed list of what you’ll be paying for so you won’t get scammed this way.

Don’t say the price

When you get a second opinion, don’t announce the diagnosis and price quoted to you by the first. Let them examine your engine and come up with a quote for you.

Ask about the labor

Some might charge you double for certain tasks. Before you say yes to anything—whether it’s having your timing belt and water pump changed—ask how much it will cost you. That way, if you’re getting charged too much, you can always say no.

Ask for your old parts

This way, you can see if they’re really worn out or if the technician is just stringing you along.

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