An Introduction To Veterans Disability Benefits

by | Nov 20, 2017 | Attorney

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Veterans of any branch of the US Military are entitled to compensation if were injured, or contracted a disease, while in the service. If a condition was aggravated while serving, compensation is also available. The amount of monetary benefit is based on the percentage of disability, from partial to full. The claims process is complex; many veterans that fail to be approved hire veterans benefits attorneys in North Carolina to help build a strong appeal.

Type of service:

To qualify for veterans disability benefits the injury or disease must have happened or worsened while in active service which is defined as:

  • Active duty, or
  • Active training duty, or
  • Inactive duty training

Anyone dishonorably discharged is ineligible for veterans benefits.

Eligible medical conditions:

Veterans disability payments can be made for any service member that suffered a physical or mental injury. Compensation is available for a wide range of conditions ranging from injuries sustained in boot camp through anxiety directly related to active combat duty. One of the most common claims is for PTSD.

Available benefits:

The benefits that you might be granted are based on a scale of 0 to 100% disabled. The minimum rating to get monthly cash benefits is 10 percent. Currently, the benefit for a veteran, his or her spouse, and one child is more than $3,000 monthly. Additional benefits are available including housing allowance, car allowance, rehab, convalescence and more.

When you are preparing to claim you should consider consulting with veterans benefits attorneys, they are well aware of everything that is available and can help you decide what you are eligible for.

Although benefits are available, they are not necessarily easy to get. The system itself is flawed; there are inordinately long delays in getting any answers, and the error rates are high. You are well advised to engage the services of veterans benefits attorneys in North Carolina if you fail to be approved and have to appeal.

Veterans benefits attorneys in North Carolina can be of great help to a disabled member of the US armed forces that was denied disability benefits. For further information contact Jackson & MacNichol, Attorneys at Law.

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