Why Designers Use Warehousing Services in Estero, FL

Most customers hire professional movers to transfer the contents of residential and commercial buildings from one location to another. Some clients also rely on moving companies deliver belongings to secure storage facilities. Full-service transport specialists do all of that and also provide specialty services to interior design professionals. For instance, a moving company’s warehousing services in Estero FL can include receiving, storing and delivering items destined for local design firms’ clients.

Why Designers Need Warehouse Services

Interior designers help their clients choose home furnishings. They buy some locally, but order others from specialty manufacturers. That means furnishings need to be shipped to customers. However, suppliers will not ship directly to homes. They only send their goods to receivers with docks. While some very large design companies have their own receiving facilities, crews and trucks, most use third-party transport services, such as transport specialists who provide Warehousing Services in Estero FL.

Who Provides Expert Warehousing

Moving companies are the most likely businesses to have the equipment needed for designer warehousing, but not all of these businesses offer the service. That is why designers often contact Rice’s Moving & Transport, Inc. These kinds of specialists have years of warehousing experience. Their technicians are carefully trained to move and protect designer pieces of every type and size.

What Services Are Included With Designer Warehousing

Warehousing begins when professionals receive items and then inspect them for damage. Technicians have the specialty tools needed to open heavy crates without harming the contents. They are claims experts who will report damages and complete insurance paperwork. Warehouse specialists communicate with designers and will safely store items in clean, safe facilities until they are needed. When designers need items, moving companies remove them from storage and make delivery. Every piece is carefully protected during transport and while being moved on and off trucks. Technicians also unpack crates and can set up furnishings.

Design professionals work closely with professional movers who provide warehousing services. Designers have furnishings shipped to the movers, who inspect items and then store or deliver them. They ensure that furnishings are protected and will uncrate and install items after delivering them.

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