Flatbed Dump Truck Safety Tips

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Automotive

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A flatbed dump truck is one of the handiest commercial vehicles you can own in Fresno CA. You can use these trucks to haul large loads like any flatbed vehicle, and you can haul loose materials too. Whether you own a flatbed or standard dump, safety is one of your biggest concerns. Here are some helpful tips to keep you and your crew safe from harm.

Check Out the Ground before Dumping

You should only dump loads on level ground. This can sometimes create problems when a customer wants a load in an unsafe area. However, your crew has to say “no” if they feel it’s not safe to dump. If your vehicle is on too steep of a grade, it could tip over when the bed raises all the way up.

Don’t Put Yourself in Harm’s Way

If someone needs to work on your flatbed dump truck with the bed raised, always use the proper jack stands. Standard jack stands will not work properly and can slip because they’re not made for the job. If the bed suddenly fell, it could easily crush anyone underneath. Invest in stands made specifically for dump beds. You can buy them from your commercial truck specialists in Fresno CA.

Look Up before Pushing the Lever

As you back into your dumping space, look for power lines, trees, or anything which presents a hazard. Remember, your vehicle is taller when the bed raises. Hitting a power line can result in electrocution.

Keep Your Hydraulic System in Good Condition

Before using the vehicle, make sure you have no fluid leaks. If you suspect trouble with the hydraulics, take the vehicle to your flatbed dump truck professionals in Fresno CA. They can inspect and make all the necessary repairs to make sure your crew stays safe.

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