When Do You Really Need To Have Emergency Dental Treatment?

Even though you may visit your dentist on a regular basis, dental emergencies can still happen. Your mouth is very sensitive but not every pain or sign of a dental irregularity is cause for immediate and emergency attention. There obviously are times when you must see an emergency dentist in Chicago and there are also times when you can wait until regular clinic hours.

Common injuries to the mouth and teeth:

Some of the more common dental injuries included cracked or broken teeth and teeth that are knocked out completely. This can actually happen in the most innocent ways; it can happen by biting down on hard food, you could fall or the damage could be as a result of a sports injury. Whether the damage can wait until the following morning for treatment depends on the severity of the injury and the location of the injury. A simple chipped tooth can wait, if the tooth has been knocked out this is a real dental emergency.

If the problem is a knocked out tooth there are a couple of things you can do before you are seen by the emergency dentist in Chicago. First off, do not handle the tooth more than you have to and when you do handle it, do not touch it by the root. Never try to clean the tooth, if there is evidence of tissue attached to the root, leave it there. Rinse the tooth under running water and put it in a growth medium such as milk or yogurt for transport. While you are waiting press a cold compress against your cheek, this will help keep the swelling down and help to control bleeding from the tooth socket.

What about a severe tooth ache?

A knocked out tooth is clear-cut, often a severe pain is not. You may have an abscess on a tooth root or on your gum. If the pain is severe and you think emergency dental care is warranted then call your dentist, they often leave open slots in their daily calendar so they can deal with emergencies.

Often it is necessary to have dental care out of normal hours. If you need an emergency dentist in Chicago you are welcome to contact Dental Specialists of South Loop & North Shore. Visit us at http://www.endoperiosurg.com.

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