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One of the most popular types of dental treatments today is the creation of Dentures in DC. Lost teeth are not uncommon, whether its for reasons of decay, an accident, or some other cause. Having a gaping hole or holes in the mouth can make many people feel self conscious, and dentures are often the ideal answer. There are two basic types of dentures: Partial dentures and full dentures. Partial dentures are meant to replace only one tooth or a small group of teeth. Full dentures replace all the teeth in the entire mouth.

Dentures are highly customized. Once the teeth are gone and the mouth has been given enough time to heal, the dentist will create a mold of the mouth. This yields precise measurements for the lab that will be creating the dentures. The base of the dentures is made from a firm resin that looks very much like the natural gums so that it blends in. A flexible part tops the firm base, allowing the dentures to suction seamlessly onto the gums. Some people find that natural suction is not quite enough to keep the dentures in their proper place. In that case, a denture adhesive may be extremely helpful. Adhesive is best when applied in a thin layer. Once it is slightly tacky to the touch, place the dentures firmly against the gums to allow for proper adhesion.

Dentures are very similar to natural teeth in appearance. They are made to mimic the size and shape of the teeth that they replace, and so most patients find that the dentures look like a perfected version of their old teeth. Taking care of dentures is usually quite simple. They need to be cleaned regularly, and in fact many people clean the dentures overnight in a special cleaning solution. Dentures can be flossed if any pieces of food or debris get caught inside them.

Dentures wearers should be careful about the food that they eat. It may be best to avoid extremely difficult foods, for example corn on the cob. Your dentist can give you some tips regarding how and what to eat. If you are interested in getting Dentures in DC, you can click for additional info now.

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