Top Reasons To Use Orthotics For Ankle And Foot Support In Kenosha WI

by | Jun 29, 2016 | Podiatry

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Foot and ankle pain can be caused by injuries, inflammation, malformation of the foot bones, and wear and tear to the bones and ligaments caused by aging. Whatever the cause, though, foot and ankle discomfort is hard to live with. It tends to compromise mobility significantly since walking or running can aggravate problems. One treatment for foot pain is an Ankle Foot Orthotic in Kenosha WI prescribed by a podiatric physician. The following are some of the top reasons why patients use – and benefit from – orthotics.

  • Reason #1: Orthotics work as shock absorbers as they cushion the feet. This minimizes the impact to the feet and knees when walking or running. Actually, many athletes use orthotics to prevent injuries. Runners who use them may do so in order to improve their performance.

  • Reason #2: Orthotics also work to align the vertebrae by helping the wearer evenly distribute his or her weight. Proper alignment can relieve pain in the hips and back and make everyday tasks easier.

  • Reason #3: Diabetics can benefit from orthotics. One of the side effects of diabetes is damage to the nerves in the feet and legs, causing a lack of sensation that can lead the patient to ignore cuts and injuries. Custom orthotics can be made that cushion and protect a diabetic’s feet.

  • Reason #4: People with pronated feet or fallen arches benefit from orthotics that support the arch and shift the weight from the big toe to the outer edge of the foot. Fallen arches put a lot of strain on the legs, hips, and back, and custom orthotics are effective to relieve that pain.

  • Reason #5: Orthotics can cushion the feet to prevent irritations to the skin. For example, custom orthotics can prevent blisters, corns, and callouses by placing a barrier between the foot and the shoe.

  • Reason #6: Orthotics can protect the ankle by preventing twists or sprains. Custom orthotics for athletes are made with a heel cup that effectively keeps the ankle from twisting.

Although drug stores sell a variety of stock orthotics that offer to cushion the heels or support the arches, most people benefit much more from a custom Ankle Foot Orthotic in Kenosha WI that is designed to fit the unique shape and condition of their feet. If you are looking for orthotics, discover more info here.

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