Four Common Types of Wood Flooring Repair in Tribeca

Solid wood flooring is a serious investment, and it deserves to be treated as such. After all, replacing damaged floors requires a good deal of time and money. Many problems start out small before eventually becoming serious enough to necessitate a full replacement, though. Homeowners can sometimes save money by calling a professional for Wood Flooring Repair in Tribeca before minor problems lead to more extensive damage.

Splits or Cracks in Wood

Over time, small cracks or splits sometimes develop in just about any wood surface. Hardwood flooring is no exception. These can usually be spot repaired if they are caught in time, and the floor restored to its former beauty. If the cracks become large enough, the affected board may need to be completely removed and replaced.

Buckling Floors

Buckling occurs when boards begin to warp and, as a result, lift from the subfloor. There are a variety of underlying issues that could be causing floors to begin to buckle. It takes an experienced professional to identify the underlying problem and take necessary measures to fix it.

Warping or Sagging Floors

Often warping or sagging is caused by underlying moisture problems. The source of the moisture should be dealt with before calling a contractor for Wood Flooring Repair in Tribeca. It’s important not to waste any time in doing so since moisture damage can only get worse until homeowners determine where it is coming from and put a stop to it. If enough water damage occurs, the entire floor may end up needing to be replaced.

Gaps Between Planks

Wood often shrinks when the weather is dry and expands when it is humid. As a result, gaps between wood planks often close up when the weather changes. Gaps that are larger than the thickness of a dime, or persist despite changes in the weather, might require the help of a professional, though.

Homeowners who know their wood floors could use some professional help but aren’t sure where to turn often attempt at-home fixes that only make the problems worse. Don’t make this mistake. Instead, contact New York Wood Flooring for more information about repairs, restorations, installations, and more.

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