Common Materials For Pillow Block Bearings

by | May 17, 2017 | Industrial Supplier

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Pillow block bearings, together with bearing blocks and flange bearing units consist of a bearing within a split or solid housing. These bearings are available in various mounting configurations. They also come in different styles. When selecting the right bearing, it is important to consider the operational environment – including the housing, as well as purpose reliability, durability, lubrication, and longevity. Many of the desirable characteristics of a bearing – pillow block or otherwise, are the result of its composition. In Texas, certain industries prefer metal; others choose other material.

Bearing Material

When it comes to pillow blocks, the material of the housing and the bearing may differ. This may result from such factors as intended use, operating environment and budget. Below, is a list of some of the most common materials used to produce pillow block bearings.

 * High Carbon Steel: Often high carbon chromium bearing steel is the kind selected. Advantages include its malleability
 * Stainless Steel: Popular among Texas manufacturers for its chemical and corrosion resistance
 * Pressed Steel: When using this form of steel, the housing may receive a corrosive resistant coating
 * Bronze Alloys: This includes bearing bronze. Bronze or bronze ball bearings may reside in non-corrosive and lightweight die-cast zinc housings. However, metal workers may place bronze bearings in iron or steel housing
 * Copper Alloys: Copper produces powdered-metal bearings. These are favored for being inexpensive as well as self-lubricating nature
 * Graphite-Metal Alloy: Also favored for its self-lubricating qualities, using this material can reduce downtimes and decrease the need for maintenance
 * Plastic – Specifically Thermoplastic or Thermosetting Polymers: Companies may prefer to use such polymers as Nylon and Teflon because they have high strength and do not require lubrication

Pillow Block Bearings

The choice of material will depend on diverse factors. Be sure to talk to a professional about the specific application. This will help determine what type of pillow block bearings will be the most effective, efficient and durable for your Texas operations.

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