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Safety Equipment Supplies

Backflow Preventer Testing – What Does It Involve?

A company that provides backflow preventer testing will have high quality, highly trained and properly educated testing technicians perform the work. These technicians are required to have special training
Safety Equipment Supplies

The Class D Fire Extinguisher to Effectively Fight Metal Fires

There are various types of fires that ignite due to different source materials that can help instigate a conflagration. In order to fight a fire with the highest level
Safety Equipment Supplies

First Aid Training in Illinois – Beneficial for the Entire Family

Accidents can happen at any time in a sudden fashion that can throw you off guard. However, preparation is the best way to handle possible emergencies that may occur.
Safety Equipment Supplies

Why Offer Fire Extinguisher Training to Your Staff?

If a fire starts at your Illinois business, it may not take long for it to spread. In fact, fires can reach catastrophic proportions in just a few minutes
Safety Equipment Supplies

Fire Sprinkler Inspection, Maintenance and Testing

If you want to prevent from spreading in your home or workplace, there are different measures you can undertake. Some are common sense such as making sure all electrical
Safety Equipment Supplies

The Importance of CPR Training in Illinois

As you already know, cardiac arrest does not just occur in hospitals. Unfortunately, more and more American are suffering from heart disease, heart attacks/cardiac arrest each year. Thus, CPR
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