3 Tips to Finding and Dealing with Photo Labs

If you’re tired of photos with dull, lifeless colors, blurry shots and basically bad prints, it might have something to do with the printing service you choose. By working with a professional photo printing service in New Hampshire, you could bring those colors—and your photos—to life. Read on for handy pointers on how to find an excellent one:

Go online

Start with good, old-fashioned homework. You won’t be able to know your options unless you scout around and look for them. Look at the Instagram feed of the photo labs, Sandracoan.com suggests. The differences might be minute but if you’ve got a good eye for quality, you’ll be able to spot the difference in quality. This can also give you a sense of which lab will work out better for you.

Leave specific instructions

Most customers go to a printing service, thinking the staff will magically know what they want with their photos. That’s not the case. That’s why it pays to communicate what you want. Leave a detailed list of instructions regarding your prints if you want them to come out looking a certain way. Those instructions will come in handy and ensure technicians in the lab know what results you’re aiming for. Be as detailed as you can be. Vague instructions are confusing and could lead to printing mistakes, further costs and delays.

Be polite and calm

Problems and issues might crop up. Handle them with a steady head. Talk to the staff about redoing those scans or prints. Reach out to them and give them a chance to make things right. That way, you get what you want without burning any bridges. If you want to use the same professional photo printing service in New Hampshire again, you won’t have any misgivings in doing so.

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