Worcester Controls Keep Industries Prospering

Worcester ball valves and controls are used in various industries, and are available in a broad range of sizes and performance levels. That way, they can accommodate the performance standards and requirements of various industries. Valves range in size from three-fourths of an inch to 10 inches and can be used as standard process valves, higher performance ball valves and special service valves.

How Controls Are Used

Worcester controls come in various sizes for round port control valves, CPT characterized seat control valves and positioners. Whether they are used in the beverage or food industry or for petrochemical or chemical operations, they are well suited to meet a variety of industrial requirements and needs.


An actuator is a major component that is used to get a motor moving. You can find high-quality actuators online that are electric and air-filled, for both engines and motors. Actuators are featured in varying sizes in both pneumatic and electric automations. All automation products today are made to be installed and used conveniently and easily, offering both energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness to the industrial companies that make use of them.

Hydraulic Actuators

When used in a hydraulic system, an actuator is made up of a cylinder or a motor that runs on fluid that uses hydraulic power to facilitate operation. The motion gives an output that is rotary, linear or oscillatory in movement. Because liquids are almost impossible to compress, this type of actuator can exert quite a large force. The only drawback is limited acceleration.

Pneumatic Actuators

A pneumatic actuator converts energy that is formed by compressed air into rotary or linear motion. Pneumatic energy is used mainly for Worcester controls, because it responds readily to stopping and starting. That is because the power source does not need to be stored in reserve.

Electric Actuators

Electric actuators are powered by a motor that is used to convert electricity into torque. The electrical energy is used to actuate devices, such as multi-turn valves, and is a clean alternative.

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