Why You Should Hire an Air Medical Escort for Your Elderly Parents

As the aging population of the US grows, there’s a need to make travel easier for seniors. With companies offering air medical escort services, seniors can now travel with the help and assistance they need. Here’s why you should consider hiring one the next time your parents go on a trip across-country or abroad:

Much-needed assistance

Seniors often have mobility problems. If that’s the case, then you’ll want to make sure your parents have a medically-trained professional to help them get on and off the plane. While help is typically available from airlines, it’s not something you can count on. Better to hire someone to look after your parents on their flight. You won’t have to lose sleep, worried that they might be on their own and there’s no one around to help them.

Preventive measure

The Department of State emphasizes the need for taking precautionary measures. Being prepared for emergencies is one of them. By hiring an air medical escort, you’re secure in the knowledge that your parents have the help they need in case they get anxious or stressed during the flight. An experience medical escort can help ease the anxiety and stress of travel, especially when your senior loved ones have no family or friends traveling with them. Some seniors, too, fare better emotionally when they have a nurse or travel companion to spend time with on the flight.

Medical help and protection

If your parents were injured on a trip and they’re on their way home, consider hiring a medical escort to look after them. With a nurse to help and protect them, you won’t be afraid that they’ll be jostled by the crowd, their wounds or injuries getting worse. You know they’ll get home safe and sound, rested and relaxed.

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