Why You Should Get Your Oil Changed Regularly

Regular oil changes are an essential part of vehicle maintenance, and helps to keep your car performing well. A car with dirty oil not only runs less efficiently, but it may even be a safety risk. Below are some of the reasons to take your car to a local garage for an oil change in Duncanville Tx.

Prevent Overheating

As oil moves through your engine, it picks up dirt and debris, thickening the oil and causing it to move less smoothly. Filters will catch some of this, but the longer the oil is in your engine, the less effective the filters will be. Dirty oil causes friction between the moving parts of the engine, causing them to work harder and possibly overheat, causing damage.

Longer Life

A car that has to work harder due to dirty or low oil with will wear out
much faster. Even if it doesn’t sustain any major damage, the general wear and tear will shorten the lifespan of your car.

Adequate Lubrication

Oil is an essential part of any engine because it keeps the moving parts well lubricated. As oil gets older and dirtier, it becomes less effective, meaning that parts may start scraping against one another which is very damaging to an engine and may result in the need for costly engine repair.

Better Mileage

As outlined above, an engine using old, dirty oil will run less efficiently which means that it uses more fuel to do the same amount of mileage. Regular oil changes let you get better miles to the gallon, and although the difference is small, over time, this builds up to big savings.

If you need an oil change in Duncanville Tx, take it to a local garage where they will quickly get your car back to optimal performance.

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