Why You Definitely Need a Wet Saw if You Are Going to Be Cutting Tiles

While a tile cutter might do the trick if you have just a few tiles to cut, a wet tile saw is a must if you are going to be cutting tiles in any significant number. Wet tile saws, as their name suggests, are designed primarily for cutting tiles, and using one prevent a lot of unsightly and costly damage to your materials.


A wet tile saw uses water to cool its diamond blade. Because the blade does not have teeth, it doesn’t grab material the way other blades do and is, therefore, excellent for working on fragile tile material. While they can be used indoors, it’s better to use them outdoors because of the mess they often make. A pump provides a steady stream of water to cool the blade, and it’s critical to make sure that the water reservoir is filled before use to prevent damage to the machine.


You can make quite a few types of cuts in tile using one of these saws, and these include L-shaped, bevel, plunge, and angle cuts. You can also cut notches. Essentially, a wet tile saw can make many of the same cuts that a miter saw can, and, when it comes to tile, it can make them without the material being damaged.

If you’ve never used a right wet saw before, it’s a fairly simple process to learn. The basic idea is like a table saw where you are slowly and carefully feeding the material into the saw blade.

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